Areas of Service

We offer professional construction debris control and removal in Idaho and Washington, with services expanding into the Tri-Cities area of Washington in 2019.

Our minimum of weekly service on every container, or as requested by the Builder, creates cleaner, safer and more "marketable" home sites for the Builder.

Our smaller containers are moved by small, lighter, rubber-tired equipment that will not damage lots, curbing or streets as large container trucks do, and they are strategically positioned on lots, next to the foundation at the front and rear, making the containers easily accessible. Smaller containers are emptied more often than larger containers, creating less chance of debris blowing out of containers and being spread throughout the community.

Northwest Clean Site employees are equipped with cell phones to stay in direct communication with the Builder to quickly respond to the Builder's needs.

The Benefits of our Service
  • Greater curb appeal
  • Profit increases through savings and management of building materials
  • Reduction of building "cycle" time
  • Potential reduction of Workers Comp and General Liabilities Insurance Rates
  • Safer conditions for potential purchasers, employees and sub-contractor partners
  • Accounting for and relocation of excess materials
  • Promotion of "Clean and Green" building processes
  • Promotion of your company's role and focus in being environmentally friendly
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